I am Icheoku and I approve this message:- On November 16, do not vote for Chris Ngige as governor of Anambra State because Ngige is not good for you; moreso he is a mask of Bola Tinubu who cannot wait to also get his filthy hands on Anambra State's money. On November 16, Anambra State Igbos MUST resist with a resounding NO, Bola Tinubu's incursion into Igboland. Icheoku says the handshake across the Niger must not be made on Igbo peoples' backs or with them laying prostrate at Bola Tinubu's feet. On November 16, vote to reject Bola Tinubu and his band of conquistadors from the West, DO NOT VOTE for Ngige.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Icheoku says Lagos State's Governor Babatunde Fashola had a great opportunity with the flagging off of Anambra State APC gubernatorial candidate's Chris Ngigi's campaign at Onitsha, to formally apologise to Igbo people in their heartland over the fiasco of his deportation of their kits and kin from Lagos, but was MIA (missing in action). The governor was a no-show at the said APC's "historical" event in Igboland. Icheoku says if indeed Governor Fashola truly wanted an end to the debacle he created with that hateful deportation as he claimed, and sincerely meant the tendered "apology" for what he wrongfully did to fellow Nigerians, why did he not soldier on into Igboland to truly look them in the eye and say to them 'am sorry if my action rubbed you wrongly?' 

But instead he settled for that forsworn no-apology apology he tendered at the tiny Aka Ikenga forum in "HIS" Lagos as being entirely sufficient for what he did and requiring no further or additional effort at soothing frayed Igbo nerve and stayed off Igboland's headquarters? Icheoku says if indeed Governor Fashola felt forgiven by the Igbos and/or that his mea culpa before Aka Ikenga was all encompassing and that all is now honky-dory with the Igbos, why did he not follow his master Ahmed Bola Tinubu into Onitsha to prove that after the apology, that he once again finds himself at home in Igboland; and that the hurt he caused the Igbos by deporting them from Lagos is no longer hurting and he has been forgiven? But no, rather like a fowl which let foul air, the land of Igboland is in his pursuit and he would not dare be found near or around it; hence the wisdom to stay out of such "historic" event across the Niger, right? 

Icheoku says Igbo people of Anambra State must join other Igbos to register their displeasure over our peoples' deportation from Lagos by APC's Governor Fashola. They must in unison say to APC's Governor Fashola that his so called apology was neither sufficient nor was it properly tendered and channeled, and therefore not accepted. Igbo people of Anambra State must let APC's Governor Fashola know that Aka Ikenga is not Igbo people's recognized representative, hence not the proper medium to communicate to Igbo people whatsoever. Anambra State Igbos must drive it into Governor Fashola's ears that Oha-na-Eze Ndigbo and the Southeastern Governors Forum are the only true representatives of the Igbo people, hence any communication meant for the entire Igbo people, including an "apology", must be routed through either of this two agencies. 

Further, that the Igbo people do not and cannot expect a cloister of select few Igbo businessmen and professionals based in Lagos, who hardly visit home, who were neither appointed nor elected by them as their representatives, to be their middlemen for communicating apologies to them and will not listen to any such routed apology. Icheoku says Igbo people of Anambra State has only one way of strongly and most effectively communicating this message to APC's Governor Fashola and in unequivocal terms. By resoundingly rejecting Governor Fashola's APC from taking roots in Anambra State by proxy of the APC-tainted governorship candidate Chris Ngige, in the forthcoming governorship election in November, the message would have been sent to all Igbo-haters, who demean and denigrate Igbo people in Nigeria at every given opportunity, that enough is enough - NO MORE, NEVER AGAIN and NOT THIS TIME. 

It would be a symbolic gesture, made not out of hatred of Chris Ngige but to send a clear message to APC's Governor Fashola and the other Yoruba apologist Femi Fani Kayode that spiting Igbo people will not be rewarded or tolerated, nor would any of such their frontal assault on Igbo's general psyche ever be forgotten. To ignore this plea and otherwise in any event elect APC's Chris Ngige as governor of Anambra State this November, no matter under what color, subterfuge or disguise of his past proven record of performance, would be selling out to Yoruba's APC's Bola Tinubu and Governor Fashola. Such a salutary gesture would once again reinforce and reiterate the cliched opinion of other Nigerians that Igbos have no cored value; that Igbo people lack a political will to go the extra mile; that Igbo people lack the cohesion to fight and pursue a common purpose; that the Igbos are merely a motley of disorganize and dysfunctional people, with no collective agenda or plan to get anywhere politically in Nigeria; that all their handicaps are because they are confused and untutored in the act of real politics of numbers, guided by one united common front and voice and this is the sole reason they are always easily manipulated out of any serious contention in Nigeria's politics every time. 

A vote for Chris Ngige is a vote for APC; and a vote for APC is an automatic authorization of Bola Tinubu to do whatever and however pleases him, with the purse of Anambra State, Igboland's headquarters. Icheoku says after all the horrid experiences Igbo people have suffered in the hands of Yoruba people starting with Awolowo and Zik through Obasanjo's shutting down of Igbo businesses (Ibeto cement, Slok airlines, Hallmark Bank, Savannah Bank etc) to the most recent deportation of Igbos by Governor Fashola, it would be a great defeatism for Igbo people to just turn around and hand over to Yorubas our key State, Anambra. Igbo and Yoruba people are competitors in Nigeria and for one competitor to win the other must lose and igbos must not lose by such a wide margin of turning over our key state to the Yorubas. Igbo and Yoruba are arch rivals in Nigeria and this rivalry must and should continue in order for the Igbos to still remain competitive in Nigeria. So please Anambra Igbos do not play the possum or allow the Yorubas run a roughshod on you by surrendering your state to Bola Tinubu. By so doing, you would equally be ratifying APC's Governor Fashola's deportation of Igbos from Lagos and this should be a NO, NO. 

Furthermore, APC's bank-roller and controller-general in chief, Bola Tinubu, a scion of royalty, well versed in the things of culture and tradition being a prince of Isale Eko, found it very convenient and tolerable to literally invade another royalty's domain on a sacred day the king was marking his reign, just to hold a campaign rally? Why that particular day for the political rally if not a deliberate attempt to challenge the monarch's institutional authority? Icheoku queries were it the Oba of Lagos who was celebrating a royal event of same magnitude as the Ofala festival, would a similar political campaign rally or any other event been tolerated in Lagos or allowed to clash with a traditional festivities which was scheduled over one year ago thus giving sufficient notice to the world? Why that particular day to hold a political rally if not a deliberate attempt to sabotage the Obi's festivities? Icheoku asks would Bola Tinubu or any Igbo man for that matter dare assault a highly revered monarch of Lagos or any other Yoruba kingdom by holding a conflicting and somewhat confrontational event on a day festivities marking their reign were taking place? 

Icheoku asks why would Bola Tinubu's APC's political train so flagrantly invade Onitsha for a political rally while the Obi of Onitsha was celebrating his Ofala festival? Why couldn't the rally wait for another time or weekend following the completion of the Ofala festival? To add insult to injury, Bola Tinubu did not even have the cultural decency or a visitor's courtesy to visit the Ime-Obi to pay homage to the Obi for coming into his domain or indeed commiserate with him on  the occasion of marking his reign? Icheoku wonders what founded the effrontery of Bola Tinubu to so vagrantly disrespect a very high Igbo Majesty, the Obi of Onitsha Igwe Patrick Achebe and inside his domain if the APC was not seeking further confrontation and now inside Igboland? Icheoku queries would Bola Tinubu dare do this in Kano with the Emir of Kano or in Ife with the Ooni of Ife or in Oyo with the Alaafin of Oyo or in Benin with the Oba of Bini or in Sokoto with the Sarduana of Sokoto? Only in Igboland and you ask why? The simple answer seems to be because Bola Ige does not care a hoot about the sensibilities of the Igbo people and is indeed very scornful of the Igbos and their traditional institutions? As the sole financier and promoter in chief of the APC, Bola Tinubu bears sole responsibility for anything done wrong by the party sucklings including Ngige and for disrespecting the Obi of Onitsha. 

Icheoku says this is a perversion of the highest order of an Igbo revered institution that must not be tolerated by Igbo people. The fact that Chris Ngige was a party to this show of shameful disrespect to the institution of the Obi-ship of Onitsha and by extension the entire Igboland, being Igboland's highest ranking first class monarchy, is a call for a serious reprimand of all the transgressors including Chris Ngige. This will let Chris Ngige and his APC Yoruba sponsors know that they cannot come into Igboland and further denigrate the Igbo people including what they hold so dear to them - their first class traditional institution, and in such very arrogant and disrespectful manner. The APC should pay a price for their infra-dig; the APC should suffer a consequence for their spiteful treatment of the Obi of Onitsha  and the institution he represents in Igboland. Icheoku says the denial of APC an access to the purse of Anambra State would be a good measure. Therefore Icheoku calls on Anambra State Igbos to register their great displeasure over Bola Tinubu's disrespectful treatment of Igbo's first class monarch, the Obi of Onitsha, by saying no to APC and their front-man Chris Ngige this November 2013. In addition, Anambra Igbos MUST not sell-out politically to the Yorubas as that will be uprooting the very foundation of the only Igbo legacy party in Nigeria. As a matter of honor and pride, Anambra Igbos should endeavor to sustain the anchor of the only truly Igbo party in Nigeria and in memory of our war lord Ikemba Nnewi. At least do it for him; but in any other event, please do not settle for a sectional tribal party as represented by Bola Tinubu's APC and it does not and should not matter that Ngige is beloved as that will be politically suicidal for Anambra State and Igboland in general. 

Icheoku is emphatic that APC Bola Tinubu violated the sanctity of Obi of Onitsha's solemn Ofala ceremony by staging a campaign event on the same day the Obi was marking his reign to countermand the festivities in an unneeded rivalry. APC Bola Tinubu also spitefully failed, refused and/or neglected to pay the Obi of Onitsha a courtesy call and homage while in the Obi's domain, carrying out a campaign visit to Onitsha. It also did not matter to APC Bola Tinubu that the Obi in whose domain he was trying to stir trouble was celebrating his coronation as to warrant him going to felicitate with him on such an occasion and to wish him many more happy returns? A man as schooled in culture and tradition as APC Bola Tinubu should not have in the first place agreed to flag off any political campaign rally in Onitsha on the same day the Obi of Onitsha was celebrating his Ofala festival; but he chose to affront an institution which means so much to Igbos. The very act of holding a rival event in Onitsha, on the same day the Obi was celebrating his Ofala, by itself, without more, was indeed so confrontational in nature that were it in so many other traditional domains in Nigeria, may be the APC marauders led by Bola Tinubu would not have made it out alive from Onitsha; but thankfully the Obi was both a gentleman and a scholar, a very peaceful person and he restrained his subjects. 

In Bola Tinubu's Lagos, even the celebration of Eyoo masquerade leads to a near total and complete shut down of everything and who knows the fate which usually befalls any unlucky wanderer caught after dawn when their curfew is already in place; but the Obi of Onitsh's Ofala and in Onitsha was no big deal to this band of vagrants led by Bola Tinubu who invaded Onitsha for a political event while the Obi was marking his coronation? Any man or woman who is indeed respectful of a people would by the same token respect things endear to them including their traditional institutions; hence would not hold a confrontational event on the occasion as the Ofala festival. Assuming for the sake of advocacy that no Ofala festival was even taking place, a rather respectful Bola Tinubu, while visiting Onitsha, would have first paid homage to the custodian of Onitsha, the Obi of Onitsha. At least protocol demands that and respect for what the Obi represents and the institution's very high place in Igboland also make it imperative that any dignitary visiting Onitsha should stop by the Ime-Obi to extend felicitations to the Obi. But APC's Bola Tinubu did not any of that nor did he show any respect to His Majesty. A matter made worse because the Obi was celebrating his Ofala when APC Bola Tinubu and his APC vagrants invaded Onitsha and this did not weigh enough to move Bola Tinubu to do what is right by the Obi, by the people of Onitsha, by Anambra State and indeed the entire Igbo people and you ask yourself WHY? Icheoku's guess is because APC Bola Tinubu does not GIVE A DAMN about what the Igbo people or how they feel or think about their traditional institutions? 

Icheoku says Chris Ngige is in a wrong party. APC is for all intent and purpose a Southwest regional Yoruba party, in a vice stranglehold of Ahmed Bola Tinubu with some little North West Hausa/Fulani Buhari flavor. The broom symbol was Yoruba ACN's as well as one of its colors. Moreso all the prime officers of APC are Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani people without any Igbo South Easterner in any position of real strength, power or authority within the party; a matter made worse by the Islamic party symbolism of APC with Bola Tinubu and Muhammadu Buhari, both Muslims, calling all the shots. Icheoku queries why would the Igbo people sell out to this arrangement when Buhari has never condemned the incessant massacres of Igbo people in the North by his Islamic brothers Boko Haram terrorists? Bola Tinubu has also not spoken forcefully against the Islamic Boko Haram terrorist scourge whenever their victims were Igbo people unlike he did when those students were beheaded in Yobe recently? So who will protect Igbo people in an APC controlled government under this two men's leadership of the party, their antecedent considered? Therefore why give them front-row accommodation in the heartland of Igboland by handing them over Anambra State through Chris Ngige? 

Also knowing how ACN controlled South Western Yoruba States governors are beholden to Bola Tinubu, lavishing their States money on his birthdays and parceling out billions in over-inflated contracts to Bola Tinubu owned companies from Lagos to Oyo to Ogun to Edo and Oshun states, why should Bola Tinubu also be allowed to take over Onitsha and Nnewi markets revenues? Igbo money should be left for the Igbos and not used to further feather the nest of Bola Tinubu or any of his Yoruba controlled business interests or concerns, period. Admitted this may sound like a tribal goading in action but Icheoku says since the handshake across the Niger has not been consummated - not during Awo and Zik era, not during Ojukwu's repeated efforts; not during Obasanjo's government when he pleasured himself greatly with the number of Igbo businesses he closed down from Slok airlines to Ibeto cement to Hallmark bank to Savannah bank etc; and not as recently evidenced with the Governor Fashola's deportation of Igbos from Lagos saga and the repeated calls by demented Femi Fani Kayode for Igbo people to go home, what then is the point pretending that everything is honky-dory in Nigeria among the tribes and that it does not matter what party's platform Ngige runs on and who controls it? 

Just like election matters, political party's platform also equally do matter as somebody somewhere outside Igboland would automatically control the policy and agenda of the incoming APC government of Anambra State in the unfortunate event APC's Ngige is elected? In democracy, numbers matter and there will not be enough Ngiges in APC to stop Bola Tinubu and his boys from wresting the control of Anambra State purse from Igbo people and doing some wealth transfers across the Niger. If in doubt take a look at ACN controlled states of Western Nigeria and be the judge of Bola Tinubu's imperial control. Currently available evidence shows that Bola Tinubu controls his ACN governors lock and step, so an elected APC's Ngige would also be forced to subjugate himself to APC's godfather Bola Tinubu and will not have a say or strength to raise any objection on how Bola Tinubu wants Onitsha and Nnewi revenues to be shared? Icheoku says Igbo people of Anambra State must not allow themselves to wake up to discover that this nightmarish possibility becomes a reality and MUST endeavor to drain the swamp now before those crocodiles infest it. Bola Tinubu controlling Anambra State resources must not be allowed to happen, not NOW, not at any future time. 

Lastly Bola Tinubu was coy at Onitsha in not raising the APC Governor Fashola's deportation question or personally apologizing for it, afterall it was the act of his political son, his appointed governor of Lagos State. Conversely, is there anybody out there willing to challenge Icheoku that Bola Tinubu was not aware of the brouhaha caused by Fashola's deportation of his fellow Nigerians from a section of Nigeria despite not having the power or authority to so do? So why did Bola Tinubu not at least reiterate the apology and sought a confirmation that the apology was accepted and further express how deeply sorry he was that his political son acted in such utra vires divisive manner. But instead, he choose to be smart by half about it and remained taciturn on the matter, thinking that Igbo people are too shallow to remember that ugly incident as they cast their ballots to elect their next governor of Anambra State in November. Icheoku says this failure by Bola Tinubu to apologize for Fashola's deportation of Igbo people from Lagos is a gross wilful neglect and utter indifference to a big Igbo people's hurt in their believe in one Nigerian. It is a neglect by Bola Tinubu of a matter which so violently violated the heart and soul of every Igbo person that they still shudders in shock of disbelief that a Yoruba APC governor do not see them as Nigerians? It also shows that Bola Tinubu did not appreciate or refused to see the injustice complained of by the igbos - that Nigerian Igbos were forcibly deported from a section of their country, Lagos-Nigeria and it impacted their psyche. 

APC Bola Tinubu should be held vicariously liable for that depraved act of his appointed political son, APC Governor of Lagos State Fashola. By the same extension, APC's Chris Ngige of Anambra State SHOULD and MUST also be made to feel the heat of Igbo displeasure of what his APC Yoruba friend Fashola did to the Igbo people he wrongly deported from Lagos. Icheoku says since you can tell who a man is by knowing who his friends are, Chris Ngige's palling around with Igbo haters from across the Niger is not a good sign for Anambra State Igbos wellbeing. His being elected into government house Awka forebodes danger to our pride and dignity in Nigeria; therefore he must be stopped cold in his tracks - PLEASE DO NOT ELECT CHRIS NGIGE, GOVERNOR OF ANAMBRA STATE. 

A time like this calls for collective action. Icheoku does not dislike or hate Chris Ngige as a person; admitted Icheoku called him out when he went prostrate before Alusi Okija deity to swear oath of loyalty to his erstwhile political godfather Chris Uba who smuggled him into government house Awka during his first governorship journey; before they fell apart leading to the same Chris Ubah kidnapping him and later forcing him out of the same government house Awka through the courts. So Icheoku still questions whether a devil worshiper and a man who swears by deity like Chris Ngige is a fit and proper person to govern a predominantly Christian State like Anambra; and it does not matter that he bears the name CHRIS. A man who wheels and deals in such manner and who swears by deities for power, probably have also sworn by Oshun Goddess for Bola Tinubu to hand him over Onitsha and Nnewi money pots as a trade for being elected? Icheoku does not know for a fact, neither does any one else except the two parties; but suffice it to say that if he did it once then he probably could have done it again now. Icheoku says Anambra State should be governed by a Christian in faith and in practice; and someone who both publicly and privately hold the Christian tenets with honor. 

So you decide for yourself BUT personally Icheoku have decided to take some proactive action to campaign against Chris Ngige's election as governor of Anambra State. In the unfortunate event Anambra Igbos sellout to Yoruba Bola Tinubu and elects Ngige come November 2013, Icheoku would embark on some serious protest action. First Icheoku would boycott Anambra State for the duration of his governorship like Icheoku did of Nigeria when Baba Iyabo was president. Secondly all Icheoku's friends from and of Anambra State origin would be chewed out for allowing a goat to deliver while in tethers. Further and since Anambra State is now the designated heartland of Igboland, Icheoku would feel so guilty by ancestral roots that he will be forced to 'de-Igbonize' himself to a great degree. The dimension is not fully known but it will be enough that people would ask 'is this man of Igbo stork,' and Igbo people will ask, 'is he really one of us? 

Chris Ngige is guilty by association. His friends deported Igbo people from Lagos and they also in concert, disrespected our premier traditional institution. Chris Ngige is in a wrong, anti-Igbo, Islamic party. APC is controlled supremely by one Yoruba Muslim man, Bola Tinubu, assisted by one Hausa/Fulani Islamic fundamentalist, Muhammadu Buhari. Muhammadu Buhari hates the Igbos - his war records and brief presence as head of state spoke volume and it is on record that one of the reasons he staged his 1983 coup was to prevent Vice President Alex Ekwueme from eventually becoming president. It is also instructive that Buhari boycotted the Onitsha Chris Ngige's gubernatorial flag off campaign because he is not comfortable visiting igboland. Buhari also murdered Bartholomew Owo based on a retroactive decree. Buhari also imprisoned Vice President Alex Ekwueme while he put President Shagari under executive house arrest and you wonder why a deputy should be persecuted more than the man in charge? Buhari also once wondered on one his rare visit to Onitsha in 1984 how the Igbos managed the miracle of rebuilding their region after the destruction and deprivation of the civil war. 

Icheoku wonders why all these signs are not already flashing DANGER-RED to Igbo people of Anambra State. Igbo people must not allow themselves to be conquered by the Yorubas, beginning with Anambra State. We are rivals and for one to win the other has to lose; we must therefore not capitulate otherwise they will secure a victory over us. Bola Tinubu is not an Igbo lover either. So brethrens of Anambra State, Icheoku says do this for true blood of Igbo flowing inside of you. Do it to save Onitsha and Nnewi markets' pots of gold from being snatched and siphoned by greedy Bola Tinubu. Do it for all those Igbo people deported by APC Governor Fashola from Lagos. Do it for your motherland - JUST SAY NO TO Bola Tinubu's greedy expedition to conquer Igboland. Say no to Bola Tinubu and his band of very disrespectful brigands who invaded Onitsha while the Obi was celebrating his Ofala without even paying a courtesy visit to the Obi. 

Anambra Igbos, please SAY NO to Chris Ngige's governorship ambition to rule Anambra State as he is going to be a conduit for Bola Tinubu to get his filthy greedy hands on Igbo money. APC is not an Igbo party and they do not care about Igbos nor their traditional institutions. Admitted that Anambra Igbos may love Ngige BUT Ngige cannot stand against Bola Tinubu's greedy appetite that is coveting Onitsha and Nnewi markets' purses. Enough of all these Igbos are "nice" people, courted only when they want something out or from us, only to dumb us and say so long until next time? Ngige may be a saint and a performer past governor BUT he is in an anti-Igbo political party and thus literally in bed with the enemy. The devil's train in which Ngige is hitching a ride to Awka governor's mansion will not bring any good tidings to Igbo people other than influenza. The operators of the train have no love for the Igbo people as exhibited by the recent deportation of Igbo people from Lagos by one of them. Then factor in the continued haranguing of an Igbo daughter Bianca by a prominent member of that party, APC Femi Fani Kayode; admitted the loud mouth is on CRACK which must have cracked his brains alongside his perpetually gaping mouth that oozes with putrid offal? It is also pertinent to note that APC Bola Tinubu did not mention either the APC's Fashola's deportation or APC's Femi Fani Kayode tirades against the Igbos while flagging off APC's Ngige's gubernatorial campaign in Igbo heartland Onitsha and you ask yourself, why? 

The solution and the only nuclear option to stop this evil plans of mortgaging Igbo prosperity to the Yoruba Southwest's control via Bola Tinubu, after their Obafemi Awolowo tried in vain to stifle it with his inhumane twenty pounds and indigenisation decree fiscal and monetary policies, is to not bite the bait that is Chris Ngige. The Ngige carrot, being dangled before the Igbos in Anambra State, is a poison pill that will cause untoward hardship and irreparable damage to the standing of the Igbo people in Nigeria and Igbos MUST reject it and thereby refuse to play second fiddle to our arch rivals, the Yoruba people. Anambra Igbos must tell APC thanks but NO to the Ngige offer; and to Ngige, although we love you BUT you are in a wrong party. Igbo people of Anambra State must not and should never surrender or mortgage their hard-earned prosperity to Bola Tinubu's greed or to the Yorubas' overreaching control. Icheoku says if surrendering Anambra State to the Yorubas is the only way the elusive handshake across the Niger can ever take place, may the two hands hang up in the air in perpetuity, never to clasp one another. It was not done in the past by our previous generation and it must not be done NOW by the present generation. Icheoku says NO to APC and hereby calls on Igbos of Anambra State to also say NO to a Yoruba intended domination of the Igbos. Please say NO to Bola Tinubu's greedy coveting of Onitsha and Nnewi markets treasuries which he plans to execute by proxy of Chris Ngige. The silver bullet - REJECT NGIGE come November.

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