I am Icheoku and I approve this message:- On November 16, do not vote for Chris Ngige as governor of Anambra State because Ngige is not good for you; moreso he is a mask of Bola Tinubu who cannot wait to also get his filthy hands on Anambra State's money. On November 16, Anambra State Igbos MUST resist with a resounding NO, Bola Tinubu's incursion into Igboland. Icheoku says the handshake across the Niger must not be made on Igbo peoples' backs or with them laying prostrate at Bola Tinubu's feet. On November 16, vote to reject Bola Tinubu and his band of conquistadors from the West, DO NOT VOTE for Ngige.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Anambra State Igbos, Icheoku says "Ugo ebelugo na ngbagbu" (the eagle has perched for shooting) so you must fire without missing - straight right through the heart and shoot down this political adventurism into Igboland. You must nip this invasive incursion right in the bud before it spreads like a plague or wildfire throughout the land. Stand up to be counted to do right by and for Igbo people, knowing fully well that if you fall so would the rest of Igboland. If you are captured, there will not be any other bulwark left in defense of the rest of Igboland and these traducers will just simply roll over the rest of the territory. Please Anambra Igbos do not bring shame to Igbo people, do not sell our birthright to be full Nigerians by the pot of porridge that is Chris Ngige. It will be supremely shameful and a betrayal of no mean magnitude for the pride of Igboland to be handed over to the Yorubas for keeps just because Anambraians were baited by Chris Ngige. It is not done, it should not be done and it MUST NOT be done tomorrow or any other future time, otherwise history will judge you badly as the Igbo state that first betrayed the cause. In tomorrow's election, vote with pride to affirm that Igbos are not second fiddlers in Nigeria and that they have earned the right to be fully recognized as an integral part of the polity and that they are going to continue to remain same and relevant limb of Nigeria going forward. 

Tomorrow's election is not just an election per se but a lot is also at stake. Tomorrow's election is steeped in many symbolism among which is the place of Igboman in Nigeria politics going forward. It would also exfoliate and expose the sheer determination of the Igbo nation to continue to fight the good cause of maintaining their rightful berth in Nigeria and not allow others to subjugate and consume them politically and thereby confine them into political irrelevancy. It will also be a watershed to judge if Igbos have learnt anything on how to play politics and why it matters so much to have a voice in what affects them. Politics is a game based on several divergent interests, some of which goes from the mundane to the parochial and many atimes even defies informed logic and reason. It is not always about who is the most qualified otherwise George Bush would not have defeated Al Gore and John Kerry?  There is more to politics and this is the clarion call Icheoku is growing hoarse trying to send out to our brothers and sisters in Anambra State to read the handwriting on the wall and do the right thing. 

Politics is among other things emotive and sentimental and is not necessarily governed by ration that many times things like religion, color of skin, region, race, tribe and language or even physical looks of the candidate for office play a very dominant role in influencing the outcome of elections. It is the same all over the world and Icheoku does not expect the result of Anambra State governorship election to be determined any differently.This present generation of Anambra Igbos must not lose the fight which Zik fought till his grave yard was ready, which Ojukwu held fort the battle line until he transited, which every gone true Igboman and woman held very sacred and which every presently living Igbo person should hold dear - the fight of superiority of tribe going on between Yorubas and Igbos of Nigeria. No hard feelings just that a lot of EGO is at stake and the Yorubas MUST NOT be allowed to win and take home the trophy. 

There is more to politics than the presumed ability of a particular candidate to get things done. Icheoku emphasis that it will be psychologically very  traumatising and catastrophic for policies of an Igbo government of Anambra State, affecting Igbo people, to be formulated and decided at Idu Agaran Palace in Lagos, Yorubaland. Icheoku does not know about you but says it will completely SUCK indeed to have this happen and pleads for an awakening before it is turns too dark to make amends. Anyone still in doubt why the outcome of tomorrow's election matters, should re-watch the movie 'Devil's Advocate' and see the consequences of having a mentor who is simply too powerful for the mentored. Lagos State Governor Fashola's servitude to Bola Tinubu is a clear indicator of what an Anambra State's Chris Ngige would be to Bola Tinubu and which Anambra State Igboman or woman wants their governor to be bowing to a Yorubaman Bola Tinubu's dictates? That a hefty price will be paid by Ngige for the gift of being made governor is quite obvious and which Anambra State Igbo wants this? Furthermore, it is a truism that like every politician who sweet-coats their campaign promises, that Chris Ngige will not do all that he says he will do for Anambra State first because talk is cheap, the resources might not be available and also party politics might make his Yoruba masters who are desirous of keeping Igbos in check not allow him to carry them through. 

Please Anambra State Igbos, Icheoku begs you not to wait to find out if this will be true because it would then be too late. Prevention is better than cure, so close that gate on Bola Tinubu before braving the rain to pursue the thieving Bola Tinubu out of your fatherland. Unlike Nike, Icheoku says 'JUST DON'T DO IT.' On November 16, tomorrow, tell Bola Tinubu to take a hike; tell Bola Tinubu that Igbos do not trust him; tell the Yorubas to remain in their neck of the wood of Nigeria; tell the Bola Tinubu APC to respect the legacy of Zik, Ojukwu and all other Igbo  loving sons and daughters who strove over the many years gone by to keep Igbo peoples' head above the water in Nigerian politics; tell Bola Tinubu that boundaries matters and that he gotta respect the Igbo's; tell Bola Tinubu that to each his own and that Igbos tend to keep Anambra State safe from his greedy covetous quest; simply stated, tell Bola Tinubu 'NOT THIS TIME.' When you wake up and it is a tomorrow come, VOTE with the understanding that every politics is local and making sure that Anambra State is not handed over to Bola Tinubu or an Igbo state to the Yorubas. Icheoku reiterates that we do not hate them, but we are competitors and we do not have to be the ones to lose. DO NOT VOTE FOR NGIGE.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Only two days is what is left between FREEDOM and SLAVERY; so Anambra State Igbos choose ye today which one you prefer. Also ever given a thought to what is actually fuelling Bola Tinubu mad desire to CAPTURE Anambra State at all cost and by extension conquer the entire Igboland? Look no further as Onitsha and Nnewi markets are the things making him salivate and as soon as he assumes authority in Awka by proxy of Ngige, his first order of business will be to subjugate OMATA and NMTA and put them under his daughter's control through the Nigerian Market Association on which he imposed her recently as their Iyaloja. 

Just do the math, do some thinking and ask yourselves what is there for Bola Tinubu or since when did he become Father Christmas that he would invest more than six billion Naira in a campaign that holds nothing for him? On November 16, do right by and for Anambra State, vote to reject Bola Tinubu, do not vote for Ngige. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Some people said Bola Tinubu means well and is only seeking an anchor in Igboland to help empower the region, right? Icheoku says if Bola Tinubu's love for the Igbos is real and that strong, why didn't he begin to show it from his home state Lagos or does charity no longer begin from home? Icheoku queries, why did Bola Tinubu not consider it appropriate to at least allow one Igbo person to be elected into the Lagos State House of Assembly under his ACN now APC, considering the population strength of a people representing almost 49% of Lagos population? 

How does Bola Tinubu justify this taxation without representation of Igbos in Lagos State; and/or that a group of people with such a large presence in Lagos does not have anyone representing them in that state's House of Assembly? Icheoku says at least in those areas with very large Igbo concentration like Amuwo Odofin, Itire, Ajao Estate and some parts of Surulere, a more accommodating and Igbo-loving Bola Tinubu would have selected an Igbo person to represent those catchment areas in the State's assembly but he did not. icheoku says a tolerant person in the position of Bola Tinubu would have righted this wrong earlier before now instead of the current singing of "Kumbaya I love Igbos" just to reap where he did not sow using Ngige as a front. If there is a need to finally shake hands across the Niger, why didn't Bola Tinubu begin that effort earlier by showing Igbos great love and affection by his actions both as governor of Lagos and currently the man who owns and dictates to everyone in APC. Why Now, why all of a sudden. Something does not seem right at all and Icheoku urges Anambra Igbos not to swallow the bait of Ngige.

Icheoku says to Anambra State people, this November 16, do not be deceived by the gestapo from Lagos now masquerading as Igbo lover; neither should you allow yourselves to be sucked in by his subterfuge Ngige. Vote against domination and please do not because you like Ngige forget what this election is all about or what is important about this election. Pride, Honor and self determination are implicated on November 16 and here lies Icheoku's beef with Bola Tinubu. Please Anambra Igbos do not go willingly into political slavery in Yorubaland. Ngige may be a good person but he is in a wrong party, controlled by a VERY BAD man Bola Tinubu and before Bola Tinubu, Ngige is and will be powerless. Just advise yourselves to how Ngige was overwhelmed by other Nigerians in the senate and be the judge how he is going to be out-numbered and out-manoeuvred by the Yoruba power players of APC. Needless to say that the over six billion Naira funneled to the Ngige campaign was sourced from outside Anambra State and will be paid back from somewhere - Anambra State's coffers. Unlike Alusi Okija, Oshun River Goddess does not show mercy and Ngige is fully aware of it and therefore knows better not to give Bola Tinubu the Chris Ubah treatment for his own good and well-being. Please Anambra State Igbos, do not put shame on the Igbos by selling out to Bola Tinubu Yoruba. See your vote against Ngige on November 16 as a rejection of Bola Tinubu expedition. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


For those wondering why Icheoku is hard on Ngige and the avowed determination to make Ngige unelectable and not elected on November 16, 2013 Anambra State governorship election; in answer Icheoku maintains that Ngige is a surrogate of Bola Tinubu and the consequences of handing over Anambra State to Bola Tinubu's control is just too grave a lapse in judgment to go without a fight. So Icheoku is fighting the good fight to preserve the identity, honor and pride of Igbo people, who must be stopped and prevented from going into the slavish control of Yoruba Bola Tinubu. Imagine Bola Tinubu making policy decisions for Igboland from Lagos or tele-guiding his Ngige into ABOLISHING the Obi-ship of Onitsha? If any Anambra State Igbo wants to have a glimpse of the impending doomsday scenario taking over of Anambra State by Bola Tinubu portends and which Icheoku and millions of other well meaning Igbos are fighting to prevent, let that person take a look at those Yoruba ACN controlled states and judge for him/herself how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just one man named Bola Tinubu holds the entire region hostage and tells every dick, tom and harry when to go to sleep and when to wake up simply because he can. 

Icheoku says the thought of this one-man terror squad taking over Igboland is simply too nightmarish and unimaginably so haranguing to be allowed and so MUST NOT be allowed to berth in Anambra State without a fight. Needless to add that Bola Tinubu's brand of democracy is definitely different from that handed over to the world by the Greek founding fathers to which Nigeria is striving to copy. Icheoku asks, has it dawned on any Anambra State Igbo that Bola Tinubu's wife is a senator, his son inlaw a congressman, his daughter a councillor and another of his daughter the Iyalode of Yoruba Market women Association and you wonder if democracy dividends is only good for the Tinubus? Whatever happened to that good old saying of what is good for the goose being also good for the gander in Bola Tinubu's controlled ACN which has now metamorphosed into APC? 

Strictly speaking 'Tinubuocracy' is not analogous with Democracy, so Anambra State people must be fully made aware of this impending catastrophe from a fast approaching Bola Tinubu's APC train waiting to wreck and get out of the way quickly. Icheoku says a selfish civilian dictator like Bola Tinubu cannot be said to be a true practising democrat if he cannot allow the people the freedom to freely choose their representatives and not arbitrarily impose his family members and stooges on the people. In Anambra State, Bola Tinubu is using the old tactic that always allure people - someone they are somewhat comfortable with; and he is certainly using Ngige as a bait to secure an anchor in Igboland. Please Anambra people, this November 16, tell Bola Tinubu that his Trojan Horse has been discovered; vote against Bola Tinubu, vote to reject his Ngige. Ngige is not good for you because he will hand over Anambra State purse to Bola Tinubu.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Icheoku says Igbo people of Anambra State must join other Igbos to register their displeasure over our peoples' deportation from Lagos by APC's Governor Fashola, supported by Bola Tinubu. They must in unison say to APC's Governor Fashola that his so called apology was neither sufficient nor was it properly tendered and channeled, and therefore not accepted.  By resoundingly rejecting Governor Fashola's APC from taking roots in Anambra State by proxy of the APC-tainted governorship candidate Chris Ngige, in the forthcoming governorship election in November, the message would have been sent to all Igbo-haters, who demean and denigrate Igbo people in Nigeria at every given opportunity, that enough is enough - NO MORE, NEVER AGAIN and NOT THIS TIME. 

It would be a symbolic gesture, made not out of hatred of Chris Ngige but to send a clear message to APC's Governor Fashola and the other Yoruba apologist Femi Fani Kayode that spiting Igbo people will not be rewarded or tolerated, nor would any of such their frontal assault on Igbo's general psyche ever be forgotten. To ignore this plea and otherwise in any event elect APC's Chris Ngige as governor of Anambra State this November, no matter under what color, subterfuge or disguise of his past proven record of performance, would be selling out to Yoruba's APC's Bola Tinubu and Governor Fashola.  Recall that Bola Tinubu was in Onitsha and failed to personally apologise for the deportation of Igbos from Lagos by his appointed governor of Lagos State, Fashola.

This November 16, rise to the occasion, vote to reject domination, vote against Bola Tinubu's APC and their Ngige.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Icheoku says a vote for Chris Ngige is a vote for APC; and a vote for APC is an automatic authorization of Bola Tinubu to do whatever and however pleases him, with the purse of Anambra State, Igboland's headquarter. Icheoku says after all the horrid experiences Igbo people have suffered in the hands of Yoruba people starting with Awolowo against Zik through Obasanjo's shutting down Igbo businesses (Ibeto cement, Slok airlines, Hallmark Bank, Savannah Bank etc) to the most recent deportation of Igbos by yet another Yoruba Igbo-hater Governor Fashola, it would be a great defeatism for Igbo people to just turn around and hand over to Yorubas our key State, Anambra. 

Icheoku reiterates that Igbo and Yoruba people are competitors in Nigeria and in order for one competitor to win, the other must lose; and Igbos must not lose by such a wide margin of turning over our key state to the Yorubas. Igbos must not surrender to the Yorubas but should and must continue to see and fight the Yorubas as arch rivals in Nigeria in order for them to still remain relevant in Nigeria. So please Anambra Igbos do not play the possum or allow the Yorubas run you over, do not surrender your state to Bola Tinubu. If you do, you would be equally ratifying APC's Governor Fashola's deportation of Igbos from Lagos and this should be a NO, NO. This November 16, please do not do the unthinkable, vote to refuse being subjugated, vote against APC, Bola Tinubu and their puppet Ngige.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


On issues after issue that matter to Igbos and Anambra State Igbos in particular, Chris Ngige was  has shown that his allegiance is elsewhere. 

When the issue of Ezu River floating dead Igbos at Amansea-Awka was front burner, Chris Ngige maintained political silence and at best offered little but a mediocre lip-service outrage? 

When the issue of Anambra State ownership of the Orient Refinery came up for deliberation in the Senate, Chris Ngige silently watched as Kogi State Senator Smart Adeyemi made passionate claim to the oil deposit as Kogi's without much of a rebuttal or restating the facts of Anambra State's clear and free claim of title to the oil. It is also instructive that the Kogi State senator challenged Ngige to prove otherwise but he remained thunderstruck, bewildered, askanced and confused as to a response. 

Chris Ngige is also an honorary member of the "Senators Do or Did Nothing" group - a number of senators who never sponsored or co-sponsored any bill in the senate and who never had their name attached to any bill? 

When the issue of the deportation of Igbos from Lagos was heating up the polity, Ngige maintained a tactical silence while collecting campaign funds from Yoruba APCs and their Governor Fashola, the same man who told Igbos to go home? If Ngige cannot stand up for the Igbos facing attack from the Yorubas, how can he stand up against Bola Tinubu when he covets Anambra State's MONEY? How can anyone defend the deportation of a Nigerian from Nigeria? Is Lagos now a country where other Nigerians or Igbos need visas to travel to? - Excerpts from an article "How Ngige destroyed his political brand" by Chukwudi Nwokoye. Icheoku says except that someone did and that someone's name is CHRIS NGIGE; so on November 16, remind Ngige that Igbos have no price tag and cannot be so easily and cheaply sold to the Yorubas. Do not vote for Ngige.